Welcome to Tifontaine




The Tifontaine is the first CE approved low temperature handheld pyro for use at football matches, and private or public events, where the audience is getting involved. 


The Tifontine is created to give football fans and other spectators, a new opportunity to take part in a great pyro event, with or without choreography.


The Tifontaine has been CE approved as handheld low temperature pyro, it burns for 60-70 seconds with a high flame in a clear colour. The Tifontaine burns with a temperature about 220-240 degrees, and gives off very little smoke.



A new way of creating a tifo or picture in fire.


The Tifontaine is produced in 5 different colors. Green, white and red, as well as yellow and blue. That opens up a new opportunity of creating a big fire picture, or logo and club colors, in a stadium if many enough has a Tifontaine, with or without a choreography.


That way the Tifontaine will become the pencil and the fans becomes the great artists, who create the master piece, painting in the stadium or at a big event.



Also in advertising the Tifontaine can be used to make big company and brand logos. The Tifontaine is made with a build in easy to use ignition system, that makes it possible for many people to ignite the Tifontaine at the same time, without the use of matches or lighters.


The Tifontaine is very easy to ignite and use, and can easily be put out, with just a little water.



The Tifontaine is CE approved as a handheld low temperature pyro. Every person from the age of 18, can buy and use it.

But that does not mean that it is allowed in a stadium. There can be internal roles that prohibits the use of pyro. So please allways check out before using pyro. And allways use pyro with great respect for other people.



If you want more info about the Tifontaine, you are allways welcome to write an e-mail to us. We will reply as soon as we can.